About us

Company ProfileMiyabi Co., Ltd.
CEOAkihiro Inoue  
Date of EstablishmentJanuary 11th, 2012 (start-up on September 1st, 2006)
Company Address2-2-15, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Bank of accountBank of Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ
  • Design, production, management and sales of website
  • Design, production, management and sales of home page
  • Project for SEO detection and prevention
  • Operation for EC site
  • Research, development and design of system and program
  • Consulting service
  • Foreign trade business
  • Planning, arrangement and production of events
  • Advertising agency of internet media

Origin of company name

Initially I had a rough idea and told myself, “I will pick one Chinese character.” As a result of having searched a number of different Chinese characters, I ended up reaching this one, 雅 or MIYABI. “MIYABI” signifies sophistication, elegance or graciousness in Japan as well as in China, where most words pertaining to MIYABI bear a very good meaning. Since music, which shapes my identity and roots, has been part of my life and this Chinese character is akin to 雅楽(Gagaku), Japanese traditional music and dance, I chose the word by intuition. It was 2 days before I went to consult about legal personality registration.

Origin of domain name

[ 520328.jp ]
Although at first glance the domain only with numbers is of uncertain meaning, obviously it means something. First, when we utter 520, it sounds as if we are saying “I love you(我愛你)” in Chinese. “520=I love you” is a type of word game. How about 328? That is simply our wedding anniversary. In short I am speaking fondly of my wife using the company domain.